Tips for Cleaning to Prevent Fire Hazard Risks

Within the home, there are several places where fires can start, including clothes dryers, the fireplace, or near hot surfaces like a furnace or stove.

Guide to Cleaning Your Parish

Taking care of your church through regular cleaning and maintenance provides a safe, healthy and beautiful space for worship, attracting first-time visitors and long-time members. From essential day to day cleaning to professional maintenance, check out our complete guide to caring for your parish.

4 Benefits to Rental Property Cleaning

According to a recent report conducted by Zillow, the total cost of tenant turnover amounts to slightly more than $4,000 on average per unit. That may seem extreme, but the breakdown in numbers paints an undeniable picture; administrative expenses, maintenance worker salaries, repair supplies and marketing costs all add up to make tenant turnover one of the costliest aspects of owning a rental property.

5 Cleaning Tips for a Clean Office

While hiring a professional cleaning service to handle the majority of the heavy or frequent cleaning tasks is beneficial, there are simple office cleaning tips that employees and owners can follow to keep the office clean on a regular basis. Read on for our 5 cleaning tips to keep your office space looking and smelling its best!

The Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

As business owners or office managers, you have a vast number of responsibilities throughout any given day. Keeping a business operating efficiently by managing employees, reviewing financials and providing quality customer service are all top priorities, as they should be.
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