Our Process

We know businesses and organizations have a number of options when it comes to hiring a commercial cleaner in the metropolitan DC area. Maid Perfect Cleaning sets itself apart from other companies by providing exemplary customer service and a dedication to delivering perfection in each job we complete.

Our process for working with clients is unique and of the highest quality every step of the way, from the initial consultation to post-job follow-up.

The Maid Perfect Process:

Commercial cleaning does not mean the same thing for every organization.

Maid Perfect has longstanding customers in a variety of industries, including schools, medical facilities, embassies, corporate offices, gyms and warehouses, and because of these relationships, we understand that each organization has a unique need for a variety of cleaning services.

During your initial consultation, we work diligently to understand the needs of your specific business and match those to the high quality services we offer.

Maid Perfect staff members thoroughly discuss your organization’s expectations, timelines, budget and scheduling needs to ensure your company receives the best service that is truly tailored to you. Once a schedule of service is agreed upon, you receive a signed service agreement that details the information discussed during your consultation.

Through every interaction with Maid Perfect, you will be in contact with a highly trained staff member. We have a number of tenured employees who are each dedicated to providing the best commercial cleaning service to our customers based on the company’s specific needs, and that shines through in every step of the process.

Each of our employees are fully licensed, bonded and insured, which provides an additional level of protection for your company, your employees and your facility. Maid Perfect staff members know exactly what it takes to complete a job to perfection, and we strive to deliver with each customer we serve.

Maid Perfect’s commitment to providing the best commercial cleaning services does not end after your service agreement has started. We want to ensure your organization is receiving the highest level of service in line with your expectations throughout our relationship. To achieve this, we reach out to our customers every two weeks, at a minimum, to confirm that quality service is being provided consistently.

Also, our customers can expect a Maid Perfect manager to visit their location periodically to inspect the work being completed, and check-in to gauge level of satisfaction. These important aspects of our process provide customers a peace of mind not found with many other commercial cleaning companies in the area.

At Maid Perfect, our commitment to quality is evident in the service we provide to customers and the process we follow with each and every organization with which we work.

We promise to help your business to be at its best in terms of how your customer-facing work environment looks and feels, and we deliver on that with each service visit we complete.

Maid Perfect employees and managerial staff are dedicated to helping you put your best foot forward so that you can focus on running your business in the most efficient, profitable way.


Your Time is Valuable, Let Us Do the Cleaning