Cleaning-supplies-in-dcKeeping a clean office is one of the many keys to success for any business, according to the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) and its study on the value of clean office space (paywall). The ISSA reports substantial productivity increases among workers in offices that are well kept in terms of isolating and removing germs and promoting clutter-free work spaces.

While hiring a professional cleaning service to handle the majority of the heavy or frequent cleaning tasks is beneficial, there are simple office cleaning tips that employees and owners can follow to keep the office clean on a regular basis.

Read on for our 5 cleaning tips to keep your office space looking and smelling its best!

5 Tips to Keep Your Office Clean

1. Remove the Clutter

One of the simplest office cleaning tips for any business is to keep clutter to a minimum. Rogue paperwork or files, a week’s worth of coffee mugs or computer cords and accessories can quickly muddle up a desk, reception area or conference room. Finding a place for each item in office-cleaner-with-a-spray-bottleyour particular work space allows for ease of access to the items you truly need, and provides for quick and easy clean up at the end of each day.

2. Focus on High-Touch Areas

Some of the most overlooked office cleaning tips have to do with the most used items in a business, including the keyboard, mouse, computer monitor and phones. To help keep the dust and germs at bay, use a compressed air canister, hair dryer (on the coolest setting) or cotton swabs to dislodge debris and built up dust in your keyboard. A soft paper towel can be used to wipe the dust and germs away. If you chose to use antibacterial wipes, make sure they are electronic-friendly, meaning they are free of alcohol or acetone.

3. Don’t Forget Community Areas

Similar to high-touch electronics, communal areas including conference tables, breakroom countertops and doorknobs are a breeding ground for passable germs. To promote joint efforts in keeping these common areas clean, keep antibacterial wipes (baby wipes can be used as an alternative) in easily accessible locations. Encourage everyone in the office to quickly wipe down the table, countertop or other surface after each use.

woman-smelling-a-bad-odor4. Eliminate the Smell

Office cleaning tips also come in the form of prevention, not just maintenance. Keeping odors to a minimum can be as simple as placing dryer sheets over vents or in trash receptacles in common areas as well as private offices. Removing trash after each work day, regardless of the amount, is also necessary to keep the work environment smelling and looking its best.

5. Schedule a Field Day

If you are struggling with how to keep your office clean due to lack of involvement, try scheduling a field day in the office. Once every two weeks, schedule an in-house cleaning day for all employees, and provide the items to help get the job done. To make sure employees are incentivized to clean up their own space, make the field day fun with free lunch or an afternoon dessert, or small door prizes for motivated employees. Keeping a schedule for cleaning is helpful in maintaining a healthy workplace.

While our list is not exhaustive, these office cleaning tips are a surefire way to ensure your work environment is kept tidy for you, your employees and your customers!

-Cleaning tips brought to you by Maid Perfect Commercial Cleaning.