With the winter fast approaching, most people are more than likely focused on holiday travel plans, gift giving and traditional home cooked meals. However, the shift in seasons comes with additional considerations for a business owner or property manager. Maintaining the inviting look and feel of your office space or facility is a necessary part of preparing for colder months, with a focus on keeping your carpet, hardwood or vinyl floors at their best by managing excess dirt, debris, salt and moisture. With predictions of a tumultuous winter ahead, here are our tips to keep your office floors in top shape.

Invest in Entrance Mats

One of the simplest things a business can do to protect the look of flooring during winter months is to add entrance mats to all lobbies, entryways and exits.

During the winter, excess salt, dirt and moisture is easily tracked in by foot, and this can lead to costly damage to floors of all types.

The use of entrance mats reduces the potential for unnecessary particles reaching the inside of your office space. Additionally, entrance mats help prevent slips and falls when employees and customers are entering your location.

Regular Floor Cleaning and MaintenanceBuffing-marble-floors

Although entrance mats are helpful in keeping out salt, dirt and moisture, they do not fully protect your hardwood, carpet or vinyl flooring. Regular floor cleaning and maintenance is an easy way to sustain the condition of your floors, even when winter weather hits. Having a consistent schedule of sweeping, mopping and polishing prevents long-term damage and keeps your office space inviting for employees and customers.

Display Wet Floor Signs

Slips, trips and falls are all far more prevalent when the weather is less than ideal. To help safeguard your employees and your customers, displaying wet floor signs is beneficial to your business. When people are aware that floors may be slippery, they are more likely to take the necessary caution to prevent injury. This small step has the potential to save your business a great deal of money in workers’ compensation or customer injury claims.

Increase Vacuuming Schedule

Carpeted floors can be the most abused during the winter months, as they act as a large sponge absorbing not only moisture but dirt and debris as well. To keep your carpets clean and in good condition, it is worth increasing the frequency of vacuum care. Not only will this step help prevent long-term damage to carpets, it will also improve the air quality by removing dust and allergens in your office space.

At Maid Perfect, our highly trained cleaning professionals are well-equipped to provide the service you need to keep your floors in great condition throughout the winter months. For additional information on Maid Perfect’s commercial cleaning services DC, contact us today for a free consultation!