In today’s business environment, more and more companies are opting to take an environmentally-friendly route. To go green can mean a myriad of things for various businesses, but it is most commonly overlooked when it comes to office and facility cleaning. Swapping out toxic-heavy chemicals for updated, eco-minded cleaning products and materials adds valuable benefit to your business, your employees and your customers – not to mention the environment! Here are the greatest benefits to hiring a green commercial cleaning company to fulfill your office or facility cleaning needs.

Health and Well-being

One of the most well-known benefits of hiring a green commercial cleaning company is the enhanced health and well-being of employees, customers and vendors. While traditional cleaning products leave the surface of desks, tables, restrooms and breakrooms relatively clean, the harsh chemicals that comprise conventional cleaning solutions can be detrimental to one’s health.

Anyone who enters into a recently cleaned business with non-green products is exposed to toxins that can cause eye, nose and throat irritability, as well as flare-ups of asthma, hives or rashes.

Over time, this exposure can lead to conditions that are difficult to manage. The use of green cleaning products eliminates the potential for an employee, customer or other visitor to your business to become ill or uncomfortable.

Increased Productivity

Another benefit of utilizing green cleaning products is the increase in productivity among employees. Employees who miss work due to illness are not able to deliver on projects or other assigned tasks. In fact, according to the Integrated Benefits Institute, poor health costs employers $227 billion in lost productivity due to work days missed, each year. Because green cleaning products are not made up of harsh chemicals, employees have less of a chance to develop an illness or perpetual discomfort that takes them away from their work. The use of green cleaning products helps reduce absenteeism, which has a direct correlation to your business’ productivity levels.

Marketing Advantage

The use of green cleaning products is also a benefit when it comes to marketing your business. Customers often ask how a business is environmentally-friendly, and although you may be able to point to certain production or service operations that are green in nature, not all companies can say the same about their office cleaning practices. Utilizing a commercial cleaning company that only uses top quality green products and materials helps you tell a well-rounded eco-friendly story to current and potential customers.

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